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CR Cement and Siemens Entered into Strategic Co-operation Agreement

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On June 6, Siemens hosted the Belt & Road International Summit 2018 in Beijing with the theme of “Connect·Create·Collaborate”. The meeting discussed in-depth how to promote strategic co-operation through innovation and digital technology in order to jointly create value and stimulate sustainable development in countries and regions under the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Mr. Zhou Longshan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Resources Cement Holdings Limited (“CR Cement”), and Mr. Ji Youhong, CEO of CR Cement, were invited to attend the meeting.

During the meeting, CR Cement and Siemens Ltd., China (“SLC”) formally signed a strategic co-operation agreement. Mr. Ji Youhong, CEO of CR Cement and Mr. Lin Bin, Senior Vice President of SLC, signed the agreement on behalf of the company respectively. Mr. Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG, and Mr. Zhou Longshan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Cement, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Siemens is a global leader in innovation and has a wealth of products, systems, services and experience in electrification, automation and digitization.

As one of the most competitive companies in China's cement industry, CR Cement is committed to advancing “smart manufacturing” and the integrated innovation of new generation information and manufacturing technology.

The signing of this strategic co-operation agreement shall further promote and strengthen strategic partnership and co-operation between Siemens and China Resources Cement in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization. The two parties shall respond proactively to the “Made in China 2025” initiative to jointly study and implement the applications of smart manufacturing in the cement industry, while simultaneously exploring solutions in areas such as enhancing energy-savings, improving quality and increasing labor productivity.

Mr. Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, Dr. Brandes, CEO of Siemens Process Industries and Drives Division, Mr. Lothar Herrmann, CEO of Siemens Greater China, Mr. An Xiaojie, Vertical Sales General Manager of SLC, Mr. Wang Junxiang, Senior Vice President of CR Cement, Mr. Zhong Kehui, General Manager of CR Cement Operation Department, and Mr. Liu Wanmao, Deputy Director of CR Cement IT Management Department also attended the signing ceremony.

The Signing Ceremony

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